2017/18 Registration

CR Knights Minor Hockey Association online registration will be open June 5. 

As in all previous years, registration and initial payment for returning players occurs in early June.

Please carefully read all of the information below and in the linked documents for information on the fees and the payment schedules. 

By registering my child online, I agree to the terms of registration as outlined below and I wish to register my child with the CR Minor Hockey Association.

Click here to complete the online registration.

Map showing the CRMHA boundaries.

2017/18 Fee Payment Information

Returning Players - must register and make first payment before June 20, 2017. Registration and payment after this date will include $200 late fee.

Click here to see the fee payment schedule for 2017/18.

Payment methods and rules are as follows:

1. Credit Card Payment - payment can be online.

  • The first payment will be the date of online registration.
  • The second payment will automatically be made on your card on July 5, 2017.
  • The third payment will automatically be made on your card on August 5, 2017.
  • If your credit card is not accepted on the second or third payment, we will make one attempt to contact you to get a new card number before adding a $200 late fee.

2. Cash Payment - payment can be made in full or in 2 cash installments.

  • If you want to make a cash payment, you must first complete the online registration and select the Cash option as the payment method.
  • We will not process cash payments without first having the online registration complete.
  • The first in person cash payment is due June 19, 2017 at 6:00 - 7:30 pm in the Camilla School gym.
  • The second payment will be due at the second cash payment night in September. We will announce the date on our website in August.  

3. Email Transfer - email transfer payments can be made by emailing via your online banking to:

  • If you want to make an email payment, you must first complete the online registration, selecting the Cash option as the payment method.  We will not process email transfers without first having the online registration complete.
  • E-transfer payments can be made in full or in two installments.The installment date deadlines are the same as the above cash payment dates.  The email transfer must be made on or before those dates or the $200 late will will be added to your account.


  • In the message section of the email transfer, enter the name of the person paying, your child's name and what level they are in.
  • When creating the security questions, please use: What is the sport our children are play?  Use the answer: hockey


4. Money Order - money orders made out to CRMHA will be accepted the same night as the cash payments.

  • If you want to make a money order payment, you must first complete the online registration, selecting the Money Order option as the payment method.  We will not process money orders without first having the online registration complete.
  • Payment can be made in full or in two installments.
  • The installment date deadlines for money orders are the same as the above cash payment dates.  The money order must be provided on those dates or the $200 late will will be added to your account.

Any cash or money order payments not made by the deadline dates will automatically be assessed the $200 late fee.

All payment amount and date information will be posted on

We have a new registrar this year, Krissy Van De Vliert. She can be reached at  If there are any payment concerns, they must be brought foward to the registrar before June 20, 2017.

New Players

If you are new to the CR Minor Hockey Association, please use the link at the bottom of the page any time before September. Fees can either be paid now or at the September registration, but please do register online now, even if you are not paying yet. The earlier we know about you, the more helpful it is. Select the cash option and you will not be prompted for a credit card.
As registrations for new players are processed, we will be sending you information about our association and what you can expect for the upcoming season. Welcome aboard!

New players to the association will not be assessed a late fee.

Tips for using the Online Registration

  • New registrations do not need a Hockey ID.
  • If you receive Action Unavailable, email
  • Enter an emergency contact that is not the parent or guardian.
  • Desired position is for information only and not a guarantee.

Checkout Process

  • The fees for 2017/18 are listed in the 2017/18 Fee Payment Schedule.
  • Raffle and volunteer fees only apply to the first and second children in a family.
  • Credit card payment and e-transfer are the recommended methods of payment.
  • If you are paying in cash, please carefully review the fee info provided above.

Important Notes

  • The registration fee includes 6 weeks power skating for Novice through PeeWee.
  • The registration fee covers all expenses for ice rental, referee fees, Hockey Alberta and 1660 fees.
  • For more info on how the fees are calculated, click here to review the fee breakdown spreadsheet.

How we spend our Fundraising Money

Last year, thanks to our fundraising efforts, the money rebated to parents for our 195 players totaled $29,250. To reduce registration fees for parents this year, the association has again allotted a $150 credit per player as a fundraising rebate. With similar registration numbers, we expect to rebate another $30,000 this year. This credit is already calculated into the registration fees listed.

TV Raffle Tickets

All players will be required to purchase raffle tickets. This fee is $50. (Booklets of 25 tickets @ $2.00/ticket). Parents pay for the booklets at registration and then keep the money from selling the tickets. Families with more than 2 players only need to purchase a maximum of 2 booklets. Additional booklets may be available.

Volunteer Fee

The association is continuing to have the $150 per player volunteer fee. This fee must be paid for each player (to a maximum of 2 players per family) and will either be refunded at the end of the year or applied to next year's fees, provided the required volunteer work has been completed by the parent. Each $150 volunteer amount requires 4 hours of volunteer work. The efforts of our volunteers allow the association to have successful fundraisers. Fundraising last year decreased the registration fees to the value of $200 per player. The success of future fundraising events will hopefully allow us to continue to be able to reduce player registration fees.

Parent Declaration - Form Required

If you have moved in the past year and have a new address, you must fill out a new parent declaration form. Please fill out and email the completed form to or bring it to one of the payment nights listed in the payment information provided above. If you have not moved in the past year, you do not need to fill out this form.

2017/18 Fee Payment Schedule
Parent Declaration Form

If you have any questions about the online process or have any problems at all, please contact Krissy at

Thank you.

Krissy Van De Vliert
CR Knights Registrar

Click here for online registration.

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